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You’re not alone.

Check out a few stories that have been re-written at Amplify Chiropractic.


No more numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers; back and neck pain greatly reduced; I haven’t felt this good in years!
— Chris
I have never slept better and I finally have the energy to keep up with my busy day!
— Jason
It works. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure having never been to a chiropractor before. But after the first few visits, I saw noticeable results; best being NO MORE HEADACHES!
— Kris

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It’s no secret. Life is temporary, our days are numbered, & there are no guarantees on tomorrow. We know this, yet all the while, many people are being held back by their health concerns and are living well below their full potential. Amplify Chiropractic helps restore proper function to the body so you can enjoy a life free of symptoms.

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We understand that health issues can leave you feeling on the sidelines of life. That is why our aim is to get you back in the game, enjoying all that life has to offer without being held back by your health. A symptom-free life enables you to perform better at work, provides you with more energy to spend quality time with your family, and equips you with a zeal for life that is contagious within your community.

Amplify Chiropractic is owned and operated by Drs. Chrisavi and Vinny Cuviello. Your Littleton chiropractor isn’t like any old traditional chiropractic practice that you would find when you search, “chiropractor near me.” These chiropractors are 2 of only 50 doctors across the entire country that are proficient in the Pierce Results System (PRS) – a technique that requires extensive training and utilizes motion x-ray, along with other state-of-the-art technology, to provide you with the best care possible. This is why they have been able to help countless people with back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, numbness, tingling, sleep issues, anxiety, allergies, and many other health concerns.

When you arrive at Amplify, you can expect a thorough consultation along with various health assessments and digital x-rays (if deemed necessary). This will allow the doctors to come up with a customized plan for correction. All recommendations and affordable options will be communicated clearly upfront so that you can execute the plan together and start enjoying a life free of health concerns!

Life is designed for enjoyment. A life of pain or other health concerns leads to irritability, exhaustion, and an overwhelming feeling of underperformance. Nobody wants their health to keep them on the sidelines. It’s time to eliminate your health concerns and take back the life you always knew you were capable of living. Book an appointment at Amplify today. Why? Because you owe it to yourself to experience life with no constraints.

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