What if Fat Tuesday could be the best thing for your long-term health?

Mardi Gras. The go-all-out celebration before you move into an intense mode of discipline (i.e., Lent).

Fat Tuesday. The ultimate cheat day.

It's the perfect analogy for your long-term health.

Without cheat days, many of us would not be able to sustain a lifestyle of disciplined days. Cheat days are often recommended for most people. Just have them in moderation.

Mardi Gras only happens once a year. Allow yourself cheat days more frequently. Please understand, this differs for each individual. On the more frequent side, maybe you give yourself a cheat day once a week. On the less frequent side, maybe you have a cheat day once a month. Whatever you decide, it's gotta work for you. If it doesn't serve you, find your balance until it does.

A healthy lifestyle will only become a habit when you make it fun. Loosen up the reins a bit and enjoy yourself on the way to your goals. The adage, "Work hard. Play hard.," should certainly be applied to your health as well. ('Work Hard, Play Hard' Lifestyle Is Real, Says Science  |  The secret to work hard, play hard mentality revealed)

Photo by  Tina Guina  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tina Guina on Unsplash

Maybe it's that cheesecake you're always craving. Maybe it's a nice, juicy burger. Maybe it's an ice cold beer. If you're like me, it's a big bowl of ice cream. Whatever it is, make it count.

The good news is, your cheat days don't stand in the way of your chiropractic care. You don't have to cheat yourself out of an adjustment. Make it work in your schedule, and we'll make it fun.

So there's no sense in hiding it or being ashamed of it. Enjoy your cheat day. Live it up... in moderation. Because come Ash Wednesday, it's back to work.

If you're unsure where to start or how to make it work for you, we welcome your questions during your first or next session. Book an appointment.