Bringing Objectivity into the Forefront of Chiropractic

Have you ever thought about seeing a chiropractor, but didn’t know where to start in your search?

Maybe you’ve been dealing with headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, or a myriad of other health issues & you know of people who have had great success in resolving these problems through chiropractic care.

The question is not whether or not chiropractic can help you, but more so which chiropractor is right for you?

With over 70,000 chiropractors across the United States, you can find a chiropractor on just about every street corner in a major city. But every one of these chiropractors may practice a little bit differently.

There are different philosophies. Some chiropractors take a strictly pain relief focus while others aim to improve the overall function of the spine & nervous system.

There are different practice management styles. Some clinics focus solely on chiropractic while others include massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, & other wellness professions.

But perhaps the biggest difference from one chiropractic clinic to the next is the technique that is practiced. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them – Full Spine, Diversified, Activator, Upper Cervical, Thompson, Gonstead, SOT, TRT, CBP. This list could go on & on.

So why should you choose a chiropractor that utilizes the Pierce Results System?

First off, you should know that when you walk into a Pierce practice, you are in an exclusive office. There are roughly 50 clinics across America that are advanced certified in the Pierce Results System (PRS).

PRS is more than an adjusting technique. It is a highly intricate system for analyzing the spine, locating vertebral subluxations, and correcting them, restoring proper function to both the spine and nervous system. The success of the system lies in the analysis and the tools that are used for spinal correction.

Most “traditional” chiropractic offices that take x-ray will take these films in a static, upright position. This allows the doctor to analyze & assess for any abnormalities in posture, spinal curvatures, & disc spaces, along with identifying any fractures, dislocations, or anomalies.

A chiropractor trained in the Pierce Results System wants to see all of these things, but even takes it a step further to assess the integrity of your spine in motion. By taking “stress films”, your PRS chiropractor will take you through several motions (ie. flexion, extension, and/or lateral bending) to identify any abnormalities in the biomechanics of the spine.

The PRS chiropractor understands that the results lie in the analysis. By taking the analysis a step further, it enables him to see spinal functionality from all different angles, essentially giving more information as to where the underlying cause of the problem is coming from.


While the analysis is one thing, results don’t come from analysis alone. The Pierce Results System utilizes a unique form of adjusting by hand, in which no twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine is involved. This is great news to those who have often contemplated seeing a chiropractor, but never could quite commit due to a fear of getting your neck “cracked” or your back “popped.” You will be excited to know that a PRS chiropractor delivers a very gentle adjustment that provides dramatic results in restoring the proper mechanics & structure to the spine.

Every spine has its differences, therefore every spine should be cared for in a unique way. Along with the manual adjustments, the PRS chiropractor also utilizes a handheld adjusting instrument, enabling him to serve a multitude of populations with premier chiropractic care.

Perhaps the most significant factor in the Pierce Results System is the way in which progress is tracked on a visit-to-visit basis. This system utilizes an infrared paraspinal thermographic scanner called a Tytron. This instrument allows the doctor to track how well a patient’s nervous system is functioning as well as whether or not that patient needs to be adjusted that day.

Throughout history, millions of people have been able to enjoy the benefits of an improved quality of life thanks to chiropractic care restoring proper function to their spine and nervous system. While feeling better & enjoying an improved quality of life are typically the most important factor for chiropractic patients, the vast majority of patients also would love to be able to see the long-term, objective improvements that their bodies are making.

Through the utilization of infrared paraspinal thermography, a patient under the care of a Pierce chiropractor gets to enjoy the benefits of both feeling better & seeing their progress at each individual visit.

In summary, if you are a prospective patient looking for a chiropractor who is going to:

  • Thoroughly analyze your spine & nervous system
  • Identify any problem areas
  • Come up with a customized gameplan to get to the source of the problem & correct those health issues
  • Provide you with gentle & specific care that doesn’t involve any twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine
  • Show you all of the improvements that have been made

If that’s you… you should seek out chiropractic care from a doctor that utilizes the Pierce Results System.

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