Back Pain Treatments in Littleton, South West Denver

Back pain stands as one of the most pervasive and debilitating health concerns globally, affecting individuals of all ages and walks of life. According to estimates, 80% of all people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This common ailment spans all demographics, impacting individuals regardless of age or background.

Back Pain in Littleton, CO

In response to back pain, chiropractic care is an effective, non-invasive treatment option. Chiropractic care diverges from conventional medical treatments that typically depend on medications or surgeries. At Amplify Chiropractic, our expert back pain specialist, Denver, employs a hands-on chiropractic care technique to realign the body’s musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine, to alleviate pain, enhance functional ability, and promote the body’s inherent healing processes. Grounded in a holistic health philosophy, chiropractic care at Amplify Chiropractic presents a valuable pathway for individuals seeking relief from chronic back pain Denver, steering them toward a future marked by enhanced well-being and increased mobility.

Common Causes of Back Pain IN Denver

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Here are some of the common back pain issues addressed by chiropractic care:

Herniations and disc bulges are common conditions that affect the spine, often leading to back pain and discomfort. Herniations occur when the soft inner gel of a spinal disc leaks out through a tear in its outer layer, potentially pressing against nearby nerves. Disc bulges, on the other hand, result from a disc’s outer layer remaining intact but protruding beyond its normal boundary. Both conditions can cause symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain, numbness, or weakness in the affected area, depending on the extent of the surrounding nerve involvement.

As part of chiropractic care, spinal manipulation may relieve pressure on the affected nerve, along with traction or decompression therapy to encourage disc material to return to its original position. These treatments aim to alleviate associated pain and improve function, offering a viable alternative to surgical intervention.

Muscular sprains and strains, common conditions affecting the back’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons, typically occur due to overexertion, incorrect lifting techniques, or abrupt movements. These injuries manifest through symptoms like pain, swelling, and a decreased range of motion or normal movement. Our back pain specialist, Denver, assesses the extent of the injury and employs techniques such as manual physical therapy, which includes adjustments and mobilization, to facilitate healing. Additionally, our specialist recommends specific exercises and stretches to strengthen the affected area, helping prevent future injuries and promote overall spinal health.
Subluxations refer to partial dislocations or misalignments of the vertebrae, which can disrupt nerve function and lead to pain and dysfunction. This condition is one of the most commonly overlooked contributors to back pain. These misalignments might result from various factors, including physical stress, poor posture, or underlying health conditions. Chiropractic adjustments are precisely aimed at correcting these subluxations, restoring proper alignment to the spine, and enhancing nerve communication throughout the body. This correction addresses the immediate discomfort and supports the body’s natural healing processes and overall well-being.

Many other common problems can be the source of back pain. Our back pain specialist, Denver, has been trained to recognize conditions like urinary tract infections, obesity, and kidney stones. Poor posture, for example, puts undue stress on the spine, which may eventually lead to chronic pain. Our back pain specialist, Denver, will work with you to correct postural habits and strengthen your core muscles supporting the spine. For degenerative conditions, chiropractic care focuses on maintaining mobility and reducing inflammation through therapeutic exercises and adjustments.

Chiropractors consider the whole person when treating these and other back-related conditions. By combining hands-on spinal adjustments with personalized lifestyle recommendations and rehabilitative exercises, chiropractic care aims to alleviate back pain and enhance the quality of life without reliance on medication or surgery. This patient-centered approach empowers individuals to actively participate in their health and achieve long-term wellness.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Back Pain Treatment?

The ideal candidate for our back pain treatment typically includes individuals who:

Our Back Pain Treatments

At Amplify Chiropractic, our back pain treatment options include:

Chiropractic Care

Soft Tissue Therapies and Prenatal Massage

During soft tissue therapies and prenatal massage, expectant mothers will experience gentle chiropractic treatments targeting muscle tension and knots, which aim to address discomfort in muscles and tissues affected by pregnancy’s physiological changes.

Indiba Therapy

Indiba Therapy

This specialized therapy, tailored to meet individual health requirements, combines various techniques to foster holistic recovery. It focuses on physical and mental well-being, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

This technique eases pain and reduces muscle tightness by carefully inserting fine needles into specific muscle knots or trigger points. Through targeted intervention, the goal is to improve mobility and overall function.

Benefits of Back Pain Treatment

Our specialized back pain treatments deliver many advantages to elevate life quality and overall wellness. The primary benefits encompass:
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Experiencing back pain can significantly impact your daily life, turning simple activities into challenging tasks. If you’re struggling with back pain, finding 
a specialist who deeply understands back health is essential. Our back pain specialist, Denver, Dr. Brian Schulz, is committed to offering care to each individual’s needs.
When we’re emotionally stressed, our body reacts by tensing muscles and releasing stress hormones, often causing spasms. This tension doesn’t distribute evenly but accumulates at “trigger points,” which can become extremely painful. These trigger points intensify as stress increases, leading to issues like chronic back pain. Recognizing and relieving stress at these trigger points is essential 
for managing pain and restoring health.
Adopting a holistic approach to care, our specialist employs a blend of advanced treatment techniques. These may include manual adjustments, physical therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and customized exercise plans to strengthen the back and enhance posture. He is also trained to relieve stress from trigger points and help your body regain balance so you can move forward without this health problem.
At Amplify Chiropractic in Littleton, we prioritize empowering our patients with the knowledge necessary for maintaining optimal spinal health. Whether you’re addressing a recent injury or long-standing back pain, our back pain specialist guides you through your recovery and wellness journey.

Brian Schulz | Our Back Pain Specialist Denver

Cost of Back Pain Treatment in Denver

In Denver, the initial consultation and examination for back pain treatment through chiropractic care are essential steps in developing 
a personalized treatment plan, with costs ranging from $50 to $200. For subsequent visits, individual chiropractic sessions, which include standard adjustments, can cost between $30 and $75 per session. It’s important to note that more specialized treatments or therapies required beyond standard adjustments may increase the overall cost of care.

Amplify Chiropractic for Your Back Pain Treatment

Whether you have a chronic back problem or acute pain new to your life, our back pain specialist at our Littleton Chiropractic office will work to find the root cause of your medical issue and create a treatment plan for you. Don’t let back pain continue to affect your life when Amplify Chiropractic can help you find solutions. Contact Amplify Chiropractic now and schedule a consultation to start your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you. We’re dedicated to providing temporary relief and collaborating closely with you to secure a life free from back pain.


"Great environment, great staff, knowledgeable Dr., and best of all are able to work with you in any possible way they can. Not to mention attentive to mine and my families care, but I feel a whole heck of a lot better then I did first starting out. 10/10 would recommend to people in the area."
- Sierra Castrellon
"Amplify Health and Wellness has been great! Amplify is unique in that every adjustment is made with intention. They use technology every appointment to pinpoint problem areas and make adjustments accordingly. I’m very impressed with Dr. Brian and his team! Highly recommend."
- Sara Candiano
I’m so happy I’ve found this place! I have been impressed by the level of service and quality of care since day one. The office is welcoming, non intimidating and the staff are all very nice and truly care about you and your treatment journey. My treatment plan pricing is fair and I love that they have financing if needed. I’m about 2 months in on my treatment and I am so happy with my progress thanks to Dr. Schultz and his team.
- Sara Stant
I've been very thankful for Amplify Health and Wellness. I've only just begun my healing journey with them, but I am seeing progress (even if small so far). I'm also so thankful for the effort they are putting in to help me get the benefit of a VA referral.
- Jennifer Nelson
Excellent staff, excellent service and excellent care! Folks, if you're thinking about chiropractic care, look no further than Dr Brian Shultz and his staff at Amplify! They changed my life!
- Kay Fabe
If you are looking for a pediatric chiropractor look no further. Dr. Brian is amazing, helped our new born immensely with his colic. Would give 10 stars if possible.
- Mike Lichtenberger

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