Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain in Littleton, South West Denver

It is easy to not think much about how much your shoulder moves during a day, until its mobility has been impaired. When shoulder pain in Littleton becomes a problem, chiropractic care can restore mobility and resolve the pain issue, returning life to normal. But how do chiropractors work? And what causes the shoulder pain in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at how this happens and how chiropractic care at Amplify Chiropractic can lead to a long term solution.

Problems That Lead to Shoulder Pain

A story chiropractors in Littleton often hear from their patients is that they woke up one day, their shoulder hurt, and it never went to normal. They have a few guesses at what might have caused it, but it’s normal to be unsure about how this pain came to be.

The people who seek out chiropractic care for this issue are smart to do so. When left untreated, shoulder pain can lead to long term problems and grow worse. It can impact a person’s life in serious ways that affect their quality of life and ability to function as they once did. By seeking treatment early, you avoid suffering and causing more damage.

A shoulder injury is something that can freeze your life. We are able to help you regain the ability to properly move your arms without debilitating pain.

More often than not, shoulder pain is something that may be brushed aside by other doctors. This is not what we do. We will look into exactly where the pain is being produced and how it may be affecting other pain points.

Seeking Chiropractic Solutions for Shoulder Pain

There are as many unique situations that lead to shoulder pain as there are people. Sometimes the pain comes on suddenly and sometimes it is a chronic issue. While every person’s pain is unique to them, a chiropractor will have seen many cases and been trained to understand how the body functions, and sometimes malfunctions.

When should you seek out a health professional in Littleton for your shoulder pain?

  • Does your shoulder pain come and go frequently?
  • Can you raise your arm above your head? Does it hurt when you do so?
    Does it hurt when you lift objects?
  • Do you have a pain in your shoulder that hurts during the day, when then gets progressively worse toward the evening?
  • Has your shoulder pain lasted for more than a week?
  • Is your shoulder bruised? Swollen?
  • As you move your arm, does your shoulder make a clicking sound? Does it feel like something is snapping?

If any of these situations are familiar to you, it’s time to seek our chiropractic care at Amplify Chiropractic and create a treatment plan. These scenarios are all situations where the pain in your shoulder is affecting the quality of your life. While it is a normal reaction to want to ignore the pain and hope it resolves on its own, the problem may be causing further damage and grow worse over time. It’s much better to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

As mentioned above, every patient’s shoulder pain is unique. A chiropractor will begin with a consultation. They will evaluate your health and find the source of your pain. Once the cause has been found, they’ll work with you to create a treatment plan. With chiropractic care, the solutions are non invasive.

Waiting for shoulder pain to heal on its own is not a good option. It is imperative that you find something to help relieve you from this persistent pain. Lots of people say that they will handle it by themselves or that without special treatment the pain will go away. This is not true.

Yes, you may be able to take a painkiller to mask the symptoms and progress through your day; however this is not fixing the issue.

In fact, it could make your symptoms worsen because daily tasks that require the use of the hands and arms can cause a much larger strain to the shoulder when the pain is masked with painkillers.

Your chiropractor at Amplify Chiropractic will work to gently restore your body to its healthy state and resolve the pain issue so you can return to full mobility in your shoulder.


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