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Children’s bodies are undergoing constant change as they grow. This can lead to a lot of stress on the body and even a misalignment of the spine, which can have a serious impact on a child’s life. Their development, health, and behavior can be affected by how well their body is adjusting to the many changes it’s going through. Your chiropractor at Amplify Health and Wellness uses natural adjustments to keep the body properly aligned and ease a child through these changes.

Most people think of children as resilient, because they are. Because of this, it’s less common to hear them complaining of chronic pain the way an adult would, and when they do complain, it’s easy to brush it off as growing pains. This is a natural part of life. Why would a child need chiropractic care?


Let’s face it, kids are hard on their little bodies!

That is why more and more parents are seeking out chiropractic care for their children and babies.

But let’s face it, the birthing process can be incredibly traumatic for the newborn baby.

Modern delivery procedures, including cesarean, vacuum extraction, forceps, and in some cases even vaginal delivery can put an enormous amount of stress on baby’s head and neck. This stress can lead to small misalignments in the newborn’s developing spine, causing irritation to the nervous system, and resulting in many health complaints.

Pediatric chiropractors see kids of all ages from newborn until teenager and older with a myriad of health conditions such as allergies, asthma, ADHD, ear infections, and bedwetting. Many parents also seek care for their children when they have big slips, falls, and accidents.

Trauma throughout childhood years can have a significant impact on the development of the spine, leading to an impaired nervous system function. Just as the saying goes, “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree”, it is vital to detect and correct health issues as early as possible so that your child is able to have a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

When children are influenced by ideals of a healthy lifestyle when they are young, it can allow them to understand what it takes to maintain their health as they grow up.

We do our best to provide insight and explanation where needed so that your child can understand what is happening with their bodies just as we would with an adult.

Every parent wants what’s best for their child, and providing them with ways to learn how to take care of themselves properly is an extremely important component to keeping your child on the right track.

Dr. Chrisavi is a member and is highly involved with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). So you can rest assured that your child is in good hands at Amplify Health and Wellness.


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